K-LED Transparent Phantom Display F.A.Q. (Part 3)

1.How about the price of the K-LED Transparent Phantom Display? Our K-LED Transparent Phantom Display series: P20, P16, P10, P6. The price is different. Relatively speaking, the price is a little bit higer than traditional LED screen per unit area. 2.Whether it need professional engineers to install? The installation does not require professional team. One […]

K-LED Transparent Phantom Display F.A.Q. (Part 2)

26. Can the other company get the bare wafer technology within three years? No. 27. Will the K-LED Transparent Phantom Display be yellowing? It will not within five years. 28. How much time to R & D the K-LED Transparent Phantom Display, and how about the monthly production capacity now? K-LED Transparent Phantom Display takes […]

K-LED Transparent Phantom Display F.A.Q. (Part 1)

1. What are the advantages of the K-LED Transparent Phantom Display? Ultra-thin, ultra-light, convenient transportation, cost savings, heat dissipation, easy installation, invisible light, can not see IC, no mask, no steel box and steel structure. 2. What is the brightness of the K-LED Transparent Phantom Display? 500cd-6000cd. 3. What is the transmittance of the K-LED […]

LED Encyclopedia

What Is An LED? A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. Electrons in the semiconductor recombine with electron holes, releasing energy in the form of photons. The color of the light (corresponding to the energy of the photons) is determined by the energy required for […]

How to design a stage LED Display

Stage led displays can be cut one picture into multiple video displays broadcast, the display can be independent, combined, any combination of play with the use of large background, large screen can be displayed according to the performance requirements of the partition, and can achieve graphic superposition, The background screen with the video signal processor […]

What are COB and GOB LED Displays

People may know few things about COB LED display, but probably didn’t hear the new pixel protection technology, GOB LED display. Let’s introduce for you now. What’s GOB LED Display? GOB is Glue on board to get high protection led display, which is new technology, an analogy as module encapsulation. It is working on the […]

LED Smart Poster Screen Component Change

Change LED module 1.Tear down the angle-pressing block from any corner of the machine 2.Tear down the aluminum bar 3. Take away the front cover 4. Take off the module by the magnetic tool 1.Change the sending card and power supply Use the cross-type screwdriver to loosen the screw of the power box cover 2. […]

NOVA HDR High Definition Solution

In the LED Small-Pitch Display application, the image quality is always the core of the user’s attention. The advantages of the LED Display with high brightness and wide color gamut are not fully presented; also some industry problems, such as uneven grayscale, low gray Accurate, etc., make the LED Display quality in general, the human […]

How does the Novastar Controller work?

LED video processors are also known as image processors, image converters, video controllers, image processor image converters, video format converters, independent video sources, and the like. The LED video processor is the key device for the birth, growth, and maturity of the image processor LED full-color display. The advantages and disadvantages of the LED video […]

How to build a Rental LED Stage

LED Display Stage Backdrop Screens provide clear and sharp pictures to the audience and create an impressive feature that evokes the audience. No matter whether it is a live show, concert, conference, Dance floor or any other kind of stage show, these LED screens deliver the vision of the action from multiple angles. LED display […]

How to choose the right Pixel Pitch

A common source of confusion is the distinction between “resolution” and “pixel pitch,” so let’s first define our terms. Most people know resolution from its use in describing TV screens and digital photos. We intuitively understand that “high resolution” means a lot of pixels. However, since TVs and photos tend to come in predictable sizes, […]

LED Screens for shopping centers

The owners of shopping centers now like to create remarkable experiences with LED Advertising Screens to attract shoppers, diners, tourists, and residents. It is sometimes part of the larger renovation of their old complex, sometimes the original design of their new-opening malls. No matter what kind of building, Shenzhen Keasy Technology works closely with the […]