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Coronavirus Disrupts Retail

During the past couple of months, the world has been going crazy with the coronavirus but finally, the situation has started to get under control,

K-LED Building Lighting Control System

Centralized Control System Instructions XS02 can be used as an offline master controller. It can control 120,000-pixel points, SD card storage, and remote controller. It

Digital Signage and Cost Efficiency

Going with digital signage isn’t simply a matter of making your signage more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly; it also makes good business sense. While

LCD and Catering

Hunger breeds discontentment; with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher requirements for the food industry’s services & the degree of humanity.

LCD and Real Estate

Currently the most stable development in China, the best prospects, and never decline of the real estate industry. Competitive pressures in all industries is the

LCD Displays at the Subway

Now, most cities metros use traditional media forms, such as led lightbox, flat text ads. These forms make the high cost for changing ads, waste