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Creative LED Transparent Design Screen

The world’s anecdotes are endless. In the LED transparent screen industry, transparent screens of various shapes and styles are varied. LED transparent screens can continuously

Where can I use a 3D Hologram?

What is a 3D hologram used for? Innovative Presentations 3D holograms are a completely new, innovative way of presenting products to potential customers three-dimensionally. Unlike

How do you design a Hologram?

There are 3 steps to design a hologram: You need an idea: The storyboard describes and visualizes the key scenes and content of the 3D

What is a holographic display?

A holographic display is a display that uses LED light on a moving fan with at high speed, to create a three-dimensional (3D) image in

Interactive LCD Wall

An Interactive LCD Wall is a powerful display option that sees your message or information displayed larger than life! As a culmination of several screens,