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Benefits of using an LED display

People living in big cities should know that LED displays are everywhere, whether in squares, malls, streets or neighborhoods. The LED display has been widely

The Future of LED Screens

During the past months of 2019, the LED screen industry had a stable increase. The increasing point is mainly to focus on small-pitch LED screens,

Smart LED Displays

With the wisdom of technology application, the current led display products and solutions are becoming more and more “considerate”. Whether it is the application of

Color Temperature

What Is Color TemperatureYes, colors can have a temperature, yet in the case of color measurement, the temperature has more to do with wavelengths than

What is Refresh Rate

What do 120Hz, 240Hz, 600Hz really mean for the picture quality of your new HDTV? Original video frames (1 and 2) at 60 frames per

LED Display Market Growth

Digital Advertising Signage with LEDs is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 18% during the forecast period 2019-2025, according to IndustryARC. The LED display