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Advantages of Curved LED Displays

Display technology has evolved well past the bulky monochromatic displays of the early 20th century. Screens have improved dramatically in terms of color range and

LED-Wall Purchase

LED walls are increasingly being used in How worldwide as prices become more affordable. Once considered a tool for only the largest mega-churches with budgets

LED Package Technology Overview

Dual In-Line Package (DIP) DIP LEDs contain two connecting pins which are mounted through-hole to PCBs (printed circuit boards). DIP LEDs have higher optical decay,

LED Smart Poster

With a storefront window LED Digital Poster For Retail stand, you will make good use of intense LED brightness to create eye-catching stands and then

LED Screens for shopping centers

The owners of shopping centers now like to create remarkable experiences with LED Advertising Screens to attract shoppers, diners, tourists, and residents. It is sometimes

How to choose the right Pixel Pitch

A common source of confusion is the distinction between “resolution” and “pixel pitch,” so let’s first define our terms. Most people know resolution from its

How to build a Rental LED Stage

LED Display Stage Backdrop Screens provide clear and sharp pictures to the audience and create an impressive feature that evokes the audience. No matter whether

How does the Novastar Controller work?

LED video processors are also known as image processors, image converters, video controllers, image processor image converters, video format converters, independent video sources, and the

NOVA HDR High Definition Solution

In the LED Small-Pitch Display application, the image quality is always the core of the user’s attention. The advantages of the LED Display with high

What are COB and GOB LED Displays

People may know few things about COB LED display, but probably didn’t hear the new pixel protection technology, GOB LED display. Let’s introduce for you