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Smart Floor principle and design scheme

The product is widely used in stage display, commercial application, shop decoration and other directions through innovative design. The appearance of interactive floor floors provides

K-LED Transparent Safe Guide

LED transparent screen in the installation and put into use, in addition to routine maintenance and maintenance, but also do a good job of installation, the following

LCD 4S Stores Solution

Application: The automobile industry generally depressed in the world, the Chinese market is a beacon and jumped on the top sales in the automobile. But

LCD Retail Terminal

Redefining terminal have been fully verify by retail industry, terminal tool for industry brand is the key to winning, make full use of the terminal

LCD Hair Salon

Now, most people like to go to the barbershop to transform its image, the pursuit of fashion. And Keasy developed advertising mirror display, put into

LCD and Hotel Industry

With the rapid development of global integration, the hotel industry with the international market has become the trend of the times. Customer demand is more

LCD and Shopping Malls

Shopping malls is a gathering place for people, but also are optimistic place for advertising media companies. Audience attention intensive, hide a huge opportunity. Currently,

LCD and Chain Stores

With the development of Chinese Economy, The business has brought unprecedented prosperity for China. The improvement of the domestic economy, the growth of consumption, the

LCD and the Financial Industry

With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up policy, the fierce competition between banks intensify increasingly. Banks must widely publish its image, management, new

LCD and Government Organization

As disclosure regulations, the rapid application of information technology, in the face of enhancing the working efficiency of the government departments and frequent daily meeting and

LCD Display in Hospitals

Referring to information media, most people are directly thought of press, radio, television, or the Internet. But the Publisher of information has not satisfied with

LCD Displays at Bus Stations

With rapid development of road traffic brought convenience for people’s travel, shorten the distance between cities, make fast, comfortable, convenient in feeling is the goal