What is a holographic display?

A holographic display is a display that uses LED light on a moving fan with at high speed, to create a three-dimensional (3D) image in space. True holographic displays create images that conform to the six depth cues by which we recognize 3D views in the real world: Perspective:  Objects farther away appear smaller. Occlusion: […]

How do you design a Hologram?

There are 3 steps to design a hologram: You need an idea: The storyboard describes and visualizes the key scenes and content of the 3D hologram. Once it has been approved by the customer, the 3D designers, motion designers, and sound artists get to work. You need a story: The story describes and visualizes the […]

Where can I use a 3D Hologram?

What is a 3D hologram used for? Innovative Presentations 3D holograms are a completely new, innovative way of presenting products to potential customers three-dimensionally. Unlike basic forms of presentation, customers gain a far more realistic, more detailed impression of the products being displayed. Furthermore, holograms are not only useful for displaying concrete products three-dimensionally, but […]