LCD and Catering

Hunger breeds discontentment; with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher requirements for the food industry’s services & the degree of humanity. Food gradually changes to digital, intelligent. LCD advertising to promote its catering industry distinctive characteristics of the product, the type of rich, perfectly presented in front of customers, a variety […]

LCD and Real Estate

Currently the most stable development in China, the best prospects, and never decline of the real estate industry. Competitive pressures in all industries is the smallest, high interest, a huge customer base, it has been the industry ahead. And they do is choose a better, more comprehensive product information promotion, so that more people understand. […]

LCD Displays at the Subway

Now, most cities metros use traditional media forms, such as led lightbox, flat text ads. These forms make the high cost for changing ads, waste of resources, the serious limit of location. According to the above defects on traditional media forms, we provide the new solution of using large digital advertising screens and led lightboxes […]

LCD Displays at the Cinema

With the regional policy, economy and culture many reasons working, the film market has been a good opportunity for development. Campaigning ways in cinema by simply relying on traditional website promotion and the way of the poster has been far from meeting the needs of information timely delivery and requirements of contents management sub-regional. The application […]

LCD Displays at the Airport

Airport with advertising, you can install the player terminal in multiple areas, the implementation of multiple networked control, unified management so that information is displayed, the associated weather conditions timely communicated to every corner of the airport, so that passengers can change travel plans based on the actual situation, The losses to a minimum. In […]

LCD Display in Hospitals

Referring to information media, most people are directly thought of press, radio, television, or the Internet. But the Publisher of information has not satisfied with these untargeted traditional information channels today. Information media market is shifting from mass marketing to mass-marketing. The limitations of traditional media is unable to differentiate products target audience effectively in […]

LCD and Government Organization

As disclosure regulations, the rapid application of information technology, in the face of enhancing the working efficiency of the government departments and frequent daily meeting and training needs, local governments are also actively raise their office conditions, strengthen the information level. Government departments at all levels are thoroughly improve information publishing services and upgrade the public […]

LCD and the Financial Industry

With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up policy, the fierce competition between banks intensify increasingly. Banks must widely publish its image, management, new financial products. Under this circumstances,  how to combine dynamic multidimensional media with the traditional static media through advanced digital media systems to highly advertise bank business development strategy and product, […]

LCD and Shopping Malls

Shopping malls is a gathering place for people, but also are optimistic place for advertising media companies. Audience attention intensive, hide a huge opportunity. Currently, major businesses have chosen floor standing advertising player as a marketing medium. What is application Advantages of mall floor standing advertising player : 1、 Mall can use two-dimensional code advertising […]

LCD and Hotel Industry

With the rapid development of global integration, the hotel industry with the international market has become the trend of the times. Customer demand is more and more diversified. Demand for hotel information also on the rise. The demand of multimedia information display arises at the historic moment. Keasy hotel information release system solution can promote […]

LCD Hair Salon

Now, most people like to go to the barbershop to transform its image, the pursuit of fashion. And Keasy developed advertising mirror display, put into a hair salon, It can make the customer look into the mirror, also be inserted sd card to loop playing the advertising content. Fashion, Advanced, can better attract customers. Advertising […]

LCD Retail Terminal

Redefining terminal have been fully verify by retail industry, terminal tool for industry brand is the key to winning, make full use of the terminal for brand promotion and sales of atmosphere build, is the key to achieve sales and effectively enhance the brand, Keasy sowing retail terminal solutions help to build a strong brand […]