K-LED Transparent Safe Guide

LED transparent screen in the installation and put into use, in addition to routine maintenance and maintenance, but also do a good job of installation, the following is a transparent LED screen manufacturers Wittum to provide you with safe operation guide for your convenience: Avoid electric shock:● Power must be completely shut down before any installation or […]

How is the interactive Transparent LED effect achieved?

In the latest two years, transparent glass interactive LED screens have risen, and the major attractions have followed suit. Then how to use the LED transparent screen in the glass path is as follows: As the glass plank path is used outdoors in the mountains or cliffs, the use of LED transparent screen will be […]

Transparent LED Exterior Media Walls

The high-rise building in the city is a good outdoor advertising carrier. Through LED, projection and other technical means, the building becomes a three-dimensional optical advertising carrier. This technology is called “construction media” technology and has been used in recent years. It has become popular at home and abroad. The urban buildings, where the glass […]

How to cool the K-LED Transparent Display in the summer

When the summer is over, the hot weather will directly test the transparent screen. LED transparent screen internal components are also the hottest electronic components: LED lamp beads, driver ICs, power supplies, etc. If the heat is concentrated and cannot be dissipated, the internal components of the LED will be overheated and damaged. First, the […]

K-LED Transparent Mesh Advantages

At present, outdoor screens are still dominated by conventional screens. The outdoor building structure and environmental protection factors restrict the limitations of the products. Under such conditions, the rise of outdoor LED mesh screens has epoch-making significance.  First, the definition and function of the LED mesh screen LED mesh screen is also known as LED […]

Transparent LED Quality Testing

How to judge whether the LED transparent panel is good or bad? Some people say that the quality of the panel can be roughly judged by appearance. Is this really true? At present, many manufacturers produce transparent LED panels similar, even if the appearance is different, the construction principle is the same, circuit boards, lamp […]

LED Transparent Screen Daily Installation And Maintenance Methods

In the process of using LED Transparent Screen, after a long time, the product is inevitably protected by untimely protection. Many people are very unfamiliar with the concept of LED transparent screens, but now in the city center, high-end office buildings, commercial complexes, shop windows, and other places have begun to gradually apply transparent screens. […]

LED Transparent Display Advantages,Application, Environment And Scenarios

First, Transparent LED display advantages: 1. High transparency effect: The distance between transparent LED display screens is different, and the light transmittance can be between 50-90%. The perspective effect makes the glass retain the function of lighting perspective, and the LED lamp can hardly be seen from a distance. The lighting of the glass curtain […]

Key Points Of LED Curtain Wall Transparent Design

Modern metropolis, all kinds of commercial buildings are crowded, there are many people, and the city is full of prosperity. The commercial building LED lighting project is not only the landscaping of the building’s exterior appearance but also changes the urban night landscape environment. The colorful buildings make the city’s night sky starry, highlighting the […]

Transparent LED Display Screen Ultimate Purchase Guide

1. What is a Transparent LED Display Screen? Transparent LED Display Screen, just as its name suggests, is LED display screen that is similar to glass with the function of lights going through. Its permeation ration ranges from 50% to 90%, while its thickness is only around 10mm. Its high permeability has close relations with […]

LED Transparent Display Screen Applications and Features

The LED Transparent Screens are a new product based on the traditional LED display, which breaks the limitation of the traditional LED display on the glass wall. The traditional LED display is installed on the exterior wall of the building to completely block the outdoor light. The weight of the screen itself tests the safety […]

LED Transparent Display Screen Anti-Static Knowledge

In the performance parameters of LED transparent display screen products, many people pay more attention to the color, brightness, chip, power supply, IC and other issues of the display screen, but few people pay attention to the anti-static performance of the LED transparent display screen. The impact of static electricity on electronic products is large […]