Smart Floor principle and design scheme

The product is widely used in stage display, commercial application, shop decoration and other directions through innovative design. The appearance of interactive floor floors provides a more novel way of expression for various performances and creative designs. It is a display device for the current Helpful supplements. In the increasingly prominent situation of product homogeneity […]

How to realize a Smart Floor

What is the LED floor screen?It is an LED display designed for ground display. It has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protection performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-strength pedaling and long-term normal operation. LED dance floor features :1. Quick and flexible installation: direct rail mounting without tools.2. […]

Interactive Smart Floor

There are many interesting things every year, especially this year. Seeing that the summer vacation has passed more than half, many people take long vacations with friends and family to travel around the country to play with the mountains, especially the young people seeking excitement, have chosen to challenge the hot glass road. This is […]