Digital Signage and Cost Efficiency

Going with digital signage isn’t simply a matter of making your signage more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly; it also makes good business sense. While that may seem a bit surprising, upon closer examination it becomes clear that communicating with digital signage can be less expensive than doing so with the print alternative.  The ability […]

LCD and Chain Stores

With the development of Chinese Economy, The business has brought unprecedented prosperity for China. The improvement of the domestic economy, the growth of consumption, the government for stimulating consumption growing big target for the domestic business environment has brought the infinite opportunities, but also face more intense competition. Large chain stores is very common business […]

Color Temperature

What Is Color TemperatureYes, colors can have a temperature, yet in the case of color measurement, the temperature has more to do with wavelengths than the physical feeling of hot or cold. Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light. It is the measurement of what temperature the color needs to be to have an […]

Outdoor fixed DIP or SMD LED Screen

Nowadays in the LED display industry, most of the outdoor led displays are made by SMD technology, it is produced by the machine, better color uniformity to show the videos and images than DIP. But why there are still some customers are fall in love with Outdoor DIP technology? There are some of our researches […]

The LED Display Makes the 4S Shop-Showroom More Amazing

Today, the national economy is gradually improving, and buying a car has become a standard for ordinary families. The demand for China’s auto sales market is increasing. As a business station in the auto sales industry, the auto 4S shop is developing rapidly. How can we make our own brand stand out in the face […]