LCD Displays at Bus Stations

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With rapid development of road traffic brought convenience for people’s travel, shorten the distance between cities, make fast, comfortable, convenient in feeling is the goal of the automobile industry, In today’s network rapid development, people are longing for everywhere can understand information at any time, pay attention to the synchronization of information received. Real-time transportation vehicles as people, when we waiting for clearance at the bus station, the heart is full of uneasiness and anxiety. At the bus stop advertising machine installation this way, meet the needs of passengers during the waiting, deflect, change the mood.

Advertising display at the bus station:

In and out of the station status, service ads playing

It can disrupt other information playing when in an emergency, Release various emergency notification real-time.

It can sell advertising space to make benefits as the bus station is the bigger stream of people.

Rich passenger bus life, at the same time, advertisers can use advertising media machine to get advertising revenue.

LCD advertising display can show the date, time. The weather forecast, the temperature and so on. It’s convenient for passengers to provide real-time information

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