LCD 4S Stores Solution

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Application: The automobile industry generally depressed in the world, the Chinese market is a beacon and jumped on the top sales in the automobile. But almost every car makers eyes gazing into the Chinese market, China’s auto market competition narrowed, the automaker’s pressure is bigger than one day a day, How to make competition in the homogeneity competition, better sales product, promote the brand, improve service, at the same time improve the 4S Store image and connotation is a key that many car manufacturers began to think about.

The present basic 4S Store via product propaganda posters, lightboxes, folding, roll-up, window traditional media such as passive information publicity and look untidy, Keasy launched online advertising display can be more clear, more prominent, more standard and more effectively show car products in front of the customer can be remote, real-time advertisement information through the network, make all the display terminal form a powerful information publishing platform.

Product introduction: Keasy Network advertising display is high-definition video, text, music, images and flash animation, multimedia player better than the traditional poster, roll up, lightboxes and other media method, And play a continuous rolling, time switch machine, huge amounts of information display, remote control, real-time information release, split-screen playback etc, with the appearance of novel fashion, these characteristics are in line with requirements of the modern public propaganda.

For Auto 4S Store, Keasy Network display can reflect its overall brand image, in addition to its powerful visual impact effect, timely information transfer function, in the long term will create more wealth for the 4S Store.

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