LCD and Catering

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Hunger breeds discontentment; with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher requirements for the food industry’s services & the degree of humanity. Food gradually changes to digital, intelligent. LCD advertising to promote its catering industry distinctive characteristics of the product, the type of rich, perfectly presented in front of customers, a variety of food in the graphics, video lure customers could not help but want to drop down to the birthday, appetite.

Keasy Believes more and more advertising applications in the food and beverage industry in the future, will bring great value:

1, It can brings restaurant chain brand effect;

2,It is better for catering enterprises’ image signs, dissemination of corporate culture;

3, A food ordering system can reduce labor costs, Simplified Management, etc;

Advertising in front of customer, all kinds of food recipe name will be categorized, according to the order of one neatly arranged at a glance. Public broadcast material selection on terminal advertising player, natural allow customers to eat at ease. Meanwhile, the advertising activities of two-dimensional code with interactive mobile phones and other mobile terminals marketing, it also mobilized the participation of customers, improve store traffic!

With the network advertising, to achieve a unified storefront management, new dishes convey at first time, opening new stores, holiday sales promotion in real-time, flexible system architecture, coupled with a variety of back-end interface templates allow the operator to use handy, satisfied.

Catering industry to use this advertising platform, not only to attract the attention of customers, but also with other restaurants highlight the unique advantages and characteristics, food advertising player (digital signage) will become mandatory in stores.

Nowadays in digital times, with the economic development, high-end food and beverage industry is also facing fierce competition, it is also a stepping corresponding development opportunities! Around the upscale hotel business catering and gradually with high-tech multimedia advertising information systems and services means to improve service standards!

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