LCD and Government Organization

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As disclosure regulations, the rapid application of information technology, in the face of enhancing the working efficiency of the government departments and frequent daily meeting and training needs, local governments are also actively raise their office conditions, strengthen the information level.

Government departments at all levels are thoroughly improve information publishing services and upgrade the public satisfaction information is the inevitable choice of modern management. Government information release process, improve efficiency, improve the image of the unit and enhance the security of e-government idea, help build up a set of government departments at various levels reflect the characteristics of the times, improve the efficiency of government departments to handle affairs, to release the government information accurately and timely solutions.

Digital Signage use for government organization:

1、Handy service for the public

2、Meeting, Training

3、Image promotion window

4、Release office information

5、Increase the speed of information transmission, enhance the strength of government affairs public, Improve the image of the government affairs unit.

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