LCD and Hotel Industry

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With the rapid development of global integration, the hotel industry with the international market has become the trend of the times. Customer demand is more and more diversified. Demand for hotel information also on the rise. The demand of multimedia information display arises at the historic moment.

Keasy hotel information release system solution can promote multimedia information, highlight hotel brand value, show the image of the hotel and service effectively, establish a good interaction with customers at the same time. To realize the efficient management and sales. And improve the economic efficiency and management level.

The location of the advertising machine can be placed:

– The hotel lobby, front desk

– Multi-function hall, conference room

– Elevator, corridor

– The hotel guest room, restaurant solutions show the image and service, interactive experience, high-quality customer service and hotel brand value.

In order to create a more comfortable and convenient living environment for the customer. In the hotel lobby, business center, recreation center, guest room floors and other important functions put advertising players, in the feeling of “Digital Hall”, and constantly provide about city attractions, transportation, culture etc all sorts of information.

1. Make a reservation, dishes and no need to wait for the hotel waiter for help by touch the display

2. It can use digital signage to add happy atmosphere, loop play the couple photos when wedding

3. Shows the unique culture theme of restaurant, publicity pictures of fashion, elegant environment, played fine food.

4. To show the hotel service info via floor standing touch kiosk, such as: business center, tourism services, free parking, conference service, bus or car rental service etc…

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