LCD and Shopping Malls

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Shopping malls is a gathering place for people, but also are optimistic place for advertising media companies. Audience attention intensive, hide a huge opportunity. Currently, major businesses have chosen floor standing advertising player as a marketing medium.

What is application Advantages of mall floor standing advertising player :

1、 Mall can use two-dimensional code advertising player, scan code then will focus themselves

2、 Mall introduce LCD advertising machine, can provide rental advertising opportunity to mall store.

3、 With a unique design lcd display , not only to avoid the introduction of the original manual mode, it also reduce the cost of staff.

4、 Unique design floor standing advertising player, it fully decorated shopping environment, especially the shock of multiple screens simultaneously play the same advertising content, enhance the quality and grade of the mall.

5、 Choosing floor standing advertising player , the customer can got the useful information timely, product owner (advertisers) can be branding, promotional products, to management this store , meanwhile you can get good economic returns. It can be said to benefit all three parties. Why not?

6、 Floor standing advertising player, for shopping mall and a chain of stores is more advantageous ,because mall stores rely on information release system, through a central control point, the whole city and the country can achieve unified management chain outlets, promotional activities unified publishing, promotional information Posted a unified and central monitoring and other functions, improve the mall store management propaganda.

7、 Floor standing lcd display can update the content in time, for the audience, they can learned the product selling points, features, price, promotion, purchase points, services and other information in a timely manner, in order to play a live shopping guide, immediate promotion effect. Moreover, the floor standing advertising player can also play video, animation, scrolling marquee, and more high-tech advertising effectiveness.

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