LCD and the Financial Industry

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With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up policy, the fierce competition between banks intensify increasingly. Banks must widely publish its image, management, new financial products. Under this circumstances,  how to combine dynamic multidimensional media with the traditional static media through advanced digital media systems to highly advertise bank business development strategy and product, service, campaign, customer service experience, becoming the target for modern banking managers.

The analysis for banks’ demands of advertising display

■Save Bank labor costs, improve work efficiency

■The financial sector belongs to the public service. Keasy advertising display can help to improve corporate image, product publicity and publication easily.

■It’s more convenient for masses with gorgeous and abundant real-time, accuracy of the information publishing which changes previous forms of publication.

■With the “service-oriented” management idea of bank, it becomes pretty important to facilitate customer information consulting, and other business processing as well to improve customer satisfaction with banks

Bank can achieve the following features with the using of advertising display :

1. Issue urgent notice or temporary information announcement

2. Enhance corporate image, expand the enterprise influence with playing the financial services industry promotional videos

3. Beautify services environments to decentralize customers’ anxious mood  and reduce customer complaints while waiting.

4. With split-screen function Play new businesses, new products to facilitate people according to their own needs.

As we all know, the financial services is a most extensive industry. In modern society, everyone is client of bank. The practice indicated that advertising can improve customers’ perceive on bank products and service awareness, reducing time when waiting for service, improving the customer satisfaction effectively.

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