LCD Display in Hospitals

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Referring to information media, most people are directly thought of press, radio, television, or the Internet. But the Publisher of information has not satisfied with these untargeted traditional information channels today. Information media market is shifting from mass marketing to mass-marketing. The limitations of traditional media is unable to differentiate products target audience effectively in an era of products and consumers continue to be segmented.

Digital multimedia network information real time issuing system can issue  emergency outbreak (SARS, avian influenza), medical emergencies (poisoning), maximum degree of deterioration of the epidemic control, event. Offering a variety of program content with split screen function to relieve the patients mood; also resolved Low visibility, adding commercial value effectively.

It becomes more and more affordable to see a doctor with the implementation of health care reform, but long-time wait in the hospital every time with no idea to see which doctor, bringing lots of trouble to us. It brings much convenience to doctors as well as patients with the using of advertising machine into hospital. Advertising player provides hospital doctors, nurses brief introduction to guide patients a better understanding of doctors, nurses, medical practice experience, letting patients have more confidence. Ad machine also has automatic station functionality, reduce the workload of nurses, and lots of manpower, material and financial resources greatly as well.

The function of Keasy advertising display in the hospital

■ Make it easy for people to learn about relevant medical information and get timely and accurate treatment.

■ Relieve patients’ pressure with playing colorful, positive contents in the hospital.

■To benefit the masses with using digital network advertising player to publish prevention of some major diseases and popular science.

■With automatic call functions of advertising machine, greatly reduce the workload of nurses, thus reduce a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

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