LCD Displays at the Airport

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Airport with advertising, you can install the player terminal in multiple areas, the implementation of multiple networked control, unified management so that information is displayed, the associated weather conditions timely communicated to every corner of the airport, so that passengers can change travel plans based on the actual situation, The losses to a minimum. In addition to ensuring diversified forms timeliness, advertising information also can be effectively regulated airport atmosphere. Flight delays, the original trip plan can not be completed, depressed mood passengers inevitable, especially after a long wait. By advertising system, the airport can play a large screen in real-time current events, entertainment news, rich passengers spare time, reflect human feelings airport.

In actual operation, once the extreme weather occurs, advising, Meal, refund and other acts of passengers will focus on the outbreak, caused a lot of pressure to the desk is not conducive to the maintenance of order in the airport. By building advertising machine system, passengers can make use of the appropriate information to guide system, easy access to relevant information or complete a simple operation via touch inquiry, so as to effectively alleviate the window pressure and improve airport services quality. With the global economic integration progresses, people have become increasingly frequent cross-regional travel, aviation construction into the outbreak. According to related statistics, only China, currently under construction in the airport reached 75, the investment that would represent 75 airports reached 40 billion yuan as much. As a platform for the dissemination of information, awareness advertising application at the airport has been improving, it has become one of the representatives of aeronautical information. It is foreseeable that large-scale construction of the airport will stimulate the rapid expansion of advertising applications market has become an important driving force for its further spread. In other words, the future of advertising used in the airport will be an inevitable trend, in addition to the old airport upgrade update requires outside advertising, demand in the construction of airport planning is also very alarming. Airport extensive use of digital advertising machine set off a trend, not only because the advertising function of competent traditional paper media advertising can not provide, but advertising really give you a different visual sensory experience, and information communicated intuitive, lifelike picture advertising delicate, rich in content, the audience accepted easily, to convey information more effective.

Airport advertising to branding provides the audience with a stable source of advertising communication platform, which is also an important way to the airport to increase non-aeronautical revenues. Airport advertising advertising system is particularly important for aviation branding, which is the airlines choose brand advertising in major airports serving reason. Whether domestic or foreign airlines, carrying advertising can accelerate brand promotion, brand influence, it reflects the importance and spread the influence of airport advertising machine.

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