LCD Displays at the Cinema

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With the regional policy, economy and culture many reasons working, the film market has been a good opportunity for development. Campaigning ways in cinema by simply relying on traditional website promotion and the way of the poster has been far from meeting the needs of information timely delivery and requirements of contents management sub-regional.

The application in the cinema of Keasy advertising player multimedia information publishing system provides the show platform for information display and information communication and creates a film and TV and the social system of the effective combination of the environment, at the same time it is the inevitable trend of digital development. In the field of film marketing, publish the new films via advertising player, delivery the latest news to customers at the fastest speed, display the detail info about cinema by advertising player, display the cinema environment and film running time from A number of angles, make the customers have the full understanding. In addition, that can also increase the function of self-service interactive services, which can bring good user experience, but also can promote the purchase desire of consumers.

Detail info about advertising player application in cinema:

1. publish the film information of the projection room the cinema info and price of the ticket

4. promote the entertainment industry

5. attraction of advertising areas

6. Value of solution: improve the traditional mode of information publishing, improve user interactive experience, improve the whole digital image of cinema.

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