LCD Displays at the Subway

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Now, most cities metros use traditional media forms, such as led lightbox, flat text ads. These forms make the high cost for changing ads, waste of resources, the serious limit of location.

According to the above defects on traditional media forms, we provide the new solution of using large digital advertising screens and led lightboxes in metros via remote computers to update ads. This solution can play HD video/image ads, also can spot emergency information and soon update the ad contents.

1.relatively closed metro environment: when people go to metro, then they go into a relatively environment. It is not like other outdoor ad media, such as building and bus ad has many choices for people. But metro ads have the relatively independent and entirety environment.

When people come through the metro, they will scan the poster on both sides; when they are waiting for metro, they will be attracted by lights box ads; when the metro running, poster and multimedia inside of metro will attract more people to read. So metro ads relative to other outdoor ads have much higher interests and higher recall rate.

2. Fixed target audience: different ads have a different target audience. Only when you have a full understanding of the target audience, then you can make specific advertisements. The target audience is passengers taking metro, relative to outdoor ad media such as street signs, the target audience of metro is more fixed. The passengers of metro is fixed, more concentrated in the 18-40years old age, more education degree is a university. Their incomes are high-level. Most professions are staffs, students and managers.

3.various media forms: Metro advertising has broken the pattern of main print ads. It combined print ads, TV ads, with newspaper ads. It through the various forms to stimulate the sensory of the target audience.

4. Timely: Commuter traffic is the highest proportion of subway travel, that is on and off duty; up and down study, accounted for more than 2/3 of all travel. That made the publish of metro ads is more timely.

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