LCD Retail Terminal

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Redefining terminal have been fully verify by retail industry, terminal tool for industry brand is the key to winning, make full use of the terminal for brand promotion and sales of atmosphere build, is the key to achieve sales and effectively enhance the brand, Keasy sowing retail terminal solutions help to build a strong brand enterprises terminal, the terminal truly become a brand and consumer communication channels, to become the stage of the brand.

Keasy digital signage features and application: Changing the mode of propaganda, with digital video to replace the original graphic POP posters and advertising, a full range of brand image promotion and product information publicity, information, advertising the replacement is convenient, don’t need a large printed materials for a long time, Not only reduce the comprehensive brand and product cost, also improve the brand image promotion.

Emergency important information to be released in time, via advertising player to transmit the news, brand info and consumer synchronization in time. Angles of terminal sales staff training, the brand culture and product knowledge accessible without loss of conveying to the terminal, enhance the ability of the terminal, effectively improve sales performance. Using touch query function to improve the personalized service, increasing the interaction between brands and consumers, closer to the distance.

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