K-LCD Products

K-LCD Wall-Mount Screens

K-LCD Screens, are thin and light display devices that are able to display all kinds of content. The K-LCD Screens, are monitor displays that utilize the LCD technology and are able to project HD quality.

K-LCD Smart Poster

The K-LCD Smart Poster is an LCD Display able to play any type of media content, video or image. There are
four versions of the K-LCD Smart Poster, the Standing, the Portable […]

K-LCD Kiosk

The K-LCD Kiosk, is a portable, standalone LCD Display, able to play all types of media. Its operating system is Android or Windows, and it works just like computer […]

K-Smart Mirror

The K-Smart mirror display is a perfect combination of mirror and advertising player, which has an excellent advertising effect. The stylish appearance and practical function are its unique advantages […]

K-Smart Box

The K-Smart Box is suitable for shopping malls, museums, high-end restaurants and other luxury products. It can be used to create transparent cabinets, glass decorations and other creative equipment […]

K-LCD Shelves

The K-LCD Shelves are ideal for digital shelf advertising in retail stores. They can be attached on any gondola design and can display any media content that you want. You can even synchronize them to play the same content […]

K-Smart Table

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