Coronavirus Disrupts Retail

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During the past couple of months, the world has been going crazy with the coronavirus but finally, the situation has started to get under control, and everything is going back to normal.

But how have all these events affected the retail and what has it all to do with the LED Industry? Let’s take a look.

Retail took a big hit from the coronavirus situation since all the factories had been closed and workers could not attend their workspace.

Factories and companies lost a lot of money and were unable to catch deadlines and deliver goods to their customers since the production lines were closed.

Also, a lot of people started getting scared to even order from China since they thought that the virus would be on their goods and it would infect them, something that isn’t even true.

So, after all this has been set and done and factories re-opened, retail is trying to get back on track and started to look for new innovative ways to re-attract their audiences. One of the ways, of course, is digitalization, with a goal to make advertising and product promotion more entertaining and eye-catching.

Shenzhen Keasy Technology has noticed a big increase in orders, especially in LED Displays, amongst our huge variety of products, and we base that on the previous argument.

Retail wants to be digitalized and be presented as more entertaining and appealing.

We believe that retail at some point will be fully digitalized, implementing technologies like K-LED Displays, K-LED Transparent Displays, K-LED Smart Posters, etc.

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