Creative LED Transparent Design Screen

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The world’s anecdotes are endless. In the LED transparent screen industry, transparent screens of various shapes and styles are varied. LED transparent screens can continuously display information and can be used as works of art for people to enjoy. LED shaped screen is developed on the basis of LED transparent screen for technical transformation and innovative design. LED shaped screens have different shapes, such as arc type, curved type, hexahedron type, strip screen, spherical screen. LED spherical screen 360 ° full viewing angle, full-scale video playback, any angle can feel good visual effects, no plane viewing angle problems. At the same time, it can also directly project spherical objects such as the earth and football to the display screen, which makes people feel vivid and widely used in museums, science museums and exhibition halls. LED transparent screen can be assembled into various shapes of text according to the actual needs of customers, graphics and LOGO can be seen everywhere in modern urban commercial advertising. The dynamic display of its video and audio enables people to understand the products displayed more intuitively and visually, which is of great help to improve the business value of the company.

In recent years, LED transparent screens and LED shaped screens have become the standard products of bars and nightclubs in the city. With reasonable design scenes and top-level beautiful lighting effects, LED shaped screens are placed in the center and around the venue, accompanied by music playback. It can make the audience feel the shocking effect brought by music and video in all directions. This new experience is very powerful for the commercial value of bars and nightclubs. The square and hexahedral shaped screens produced in the large squares and station LED transparent screens are also very good. The LED transparent screen application is very cool and dynamic in the stage art display. At present, the large-scale concert stage in which domestic stars participate The layout is displayed using LED transparent screen and LED shaped screen. The LED shaped screen belongs to the creative screen, which is more visually stunning than the traditional display. It breaks through the limitation of the traditional LED display on the regular shape, and can realize the display effect with various creative shapes. Through technological innovation, it can adapt to various buildings. Structure and site environment. The LED shaped screen circuit has a complicated structure and is more difficult to install than the ordinary display screen, but the application field is more extensive, which is unmatched by the ordinary LED transparent screen in terms of visual effects and improvement of the commercial value and overall image of the enterprise.

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