How is the realistic effect of the transparent LED display and the ice screen achieved?

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The ice screen is a transparent LED display. Because of its crystal clear appearance, it is as bright as ice crystal. The merchants have impressed people in order to expand the publicity effect, so they took a symbolic name “ice screen”.
So let’s see how the ice screen works.
The LED transparent screen is innovative on the traditional LED transparent screen. The screen body is composed of light strips, and after lighting, it can present a complete full-color display screen. When not lit, it can display a transparent effect similar to stealth. Not only has high permeability, lightweight, good wind resistance, easy installation, but also does not affect the building lighting, and can achieve various irregular shapes and sizes according to the needs.

Transparent LED display ice screen is a high-end LED display device widely used in the market. It is widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, enterprises and institutions and large-scale entertainment activities. The modular design of the Led display, free DIY design, new structural design, can meet the lifting, vertical installation, very convenient for indoor and outdoor installation. And ultra-light, weighing only about 10KG, single can easily lift; ultra-thin.
At present, there are many brands of LED display screens in the domestic market, and the quality level is not uniform. Among them, the AW curtain wall series transparent LED glass curtain wall screen has a brightness of up to 5000nits and a transparency of 65%-90%. Above, the product size and shape can be customized.
The LED transparent screen is perfectly integrated with the architectural glass curtain wall, and it does not change the appearance of the building. During the day, it does not affect the transparency and lighting of the glass curtain wall. When the night falls, it can also present a magnificent and colorful picture, making the city more romantic.

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