How to choose the right Outdoor LED Display

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Today, we are very glad to share six points to choose the right Outdoor LED display for you.


The cabinet of the outdoor LED display is the most important part for outdoor installation environments, it must be designed as strictly waterproof, leakproof, drainage measures design.

Lightning protection device

The lightning protection device should be installed on the building with the outdoor LED display, ensure the cabinets and shell of the outdoor billboard LED display is grounded well, and the grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms. So, the power source can be discharged in time by the large current.

Cooling system equipment

If the temperature and weather in your country is always very hot or cold, then the air conditional cooling equipment must be installed for the outdoor LED display, you need to ensure the internal temperature is between -10 degrees ~ 40 degrees.


The brightness of the outdoor LED display is always very important to suit your local environment, you have to make sure the height of the installation place, view distance from the people, natural sun brightness, installation environment when you are discussing the solutions with your supplier.

Maintenance way

This part is also very important when you choose the outdoor LED display, there are two ways for the maintenance, front access, and rear access, it is according to that. Do you have the space to repair the outdoor display from the rear or not after the installation? This point must be clear before you get a quotation from your supplier.

Control system

There are two kinds of control way for the outdoor LED display, synchronous and asynchronous, these are two different control ways, you can learn about what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous control from our news.

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