How to design a stage LED Display

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Stage led displays can be cut one picture into multiple video displays broadcast, the display can be independent, combined, any combination of play with the use of large background, large screen can be displayed according to the performance requirements of the partition, and can achieve graphic superposition, The background screen with the video signal processor to play or synthesize the same screen display, can be close-up characters play, do text scroll play, or play broadcast, you can level the stage led display, and it can also be up and down into text, personalized video screen, bright And the stage, through the software design and system control to achieve the requirements of the owners of other requirements, advantages, can be used frame design, easy disassembly, reliable, easy to maintain applications and large entertainment and large-scale activities.

1. The main screen: Generally , set up in the middle of the stage background, the largest piece of LED large screen can be called the main screen, the vast majority of cases, can be square,or long square. As the main screen display content is more important, so it’s imaging results to be better, pixel density also requires relatively large. In the technology more mature stage led displays is mainly P3.91, P4.81 and P6

2. Secondary screen: Vice screen is usually set on both sides of the main screen, is used for the main screen playback content set off, so it is mostly more abstract content, such as dancing fireworks, flashing Box and so on. Therefore, the vice-pixel spacing will be larger, generally used is P7.62, P8 and so on. As many parts are used grid screen and play the content, also known as the color screen.

3. Video development screen: the general concert, large stage performances will use a relatively large venue, resulting in some places can not see the stage above the wonderful performance, this time in the side of the venue will be placed on the big screen, to the stage Live live, this screen can be called video development, the specifications are often used same with the main screen.

In some KTV, bars, dance halls and other places will also use some different shapes of the stage led display, these special-shaped LED large screen is often based on the overall structure of the environment, on the basis of large-screen transformation of the LED, they The specifications can be customized according to the actual situation, making the shape more volatile, so that the environment to improve the location of a new level, giving a dreamlike feeling.

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