How to improve the lifespan of an Outdoor LED display during the summer

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Frequent typhoons thunder and lightning are particularly common. Outdoor advertising LED Display has relatively high requirements on the environmental conditions. Considering that the outdoor LED Display may be affected and destroyed by high temperatures, typhoons, rainstorms, and lightning electric images, it’s necessary to have a comprehensive solution. When we install the outdoor LED Display, what should be paid attention to in order to improve its life?

High-temperature protection

The outdoor LED Display usually has a large area. During the application process, the power consumption is large, and the corresponding heat is also generated. In addition, the external temperature is high. If the heat dissipation problem cannot be solved in time, the circuit board may be short-circuited. In production, ensure that the display circuit board is in good condition. When designing the outer casing, choose a hollow design to help dissipate heat. In the installation, according to the situation of the device, adhere to the situation of the display screen, the air is in good condition, and add heat dissipation equipment to the display when needed, such as installing an air conditioner or a fan to help the display to dissipate heat.

Typhoon protection

The installation position of the outdoor LED display is different, and the installation method is also different. There are wall-mounted, inlaid, column- type, and hanging type. In the typhoon season, in order to prevent the screen of the outdoor LED Display from falling, there is a strict requirement for the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display. The engineering unit must design and install in strict accordance with the standard of typhoon resistance. At the same time, it must have a certain anti-seismic capability to ensure that the outdoor LED Display will not fall and cause personal injury or other hazards.

Rainstorm protection

There are many rains in the south, so the LED display itself must have a high degree of waterproof protection to avoid rain erosion. In the outdoor environment, the outdoor LED display should reach the IP65 protection level. The module should be filled with glue, and the waterproof box should be used to connect the module and the box with a waterproof rubber ring.

Lightning strike protection

The effect of lightning on the display is fatal, and if it is struck by lightning, the damage to the display can be very serious. Therefore, the outdoor LED display must be equipped with lightning rods and lightning protection

equipment, grounding, distribution box installed on the lightning protection device, and then grounded to protect the safety of the outdoor LED Display

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