Interactive Smart Floor

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There are many interesting things every year, especially this year. Seeing that the summer vacation has passed more than half, many people take long vacations with friends and family to travel around the country to play with the mountains, especially the young people seeking excitement, have chosen to challenge the hot glass road. This is not the case. In the near future, the short video related to the theme of “smashing the ‘broken glass track’ on the microblog” was madly transmitted on Weibo. Many tourists were scared by the broken traces and sounds of the glass, and even urinating pants. While crying and laughing, I couldn’t help but tremble.

It turned out that this is the technical effect that the scenic spot especially simulates the glass “broken”. The bridge surface is equipped with radar equipment, which can sense the pace of people. When the footsteps fall, the interactive LED floor screen will have a broken glass picture, let you Wherever he went, where the glass was broken, accompanied by the cracking of the glass of the “squeaky” sound, the sound effect was surrounded by a three-dimensional sound, and it was scared that the glass could not be broken, or the fragile glass heart!

Scenic glass walkway interactive LED floor tile effect

As the name implies, the LED floor tile screen is a personalized LED display specially designed for the ground. Compared with the traditional LED display, the LED floor tile screen has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protection performance and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high Strength stepping on, the normal operation for a long time. As the technology continues to mature, on the basis of LED floor tiles, devices equipped with pressure sensors or capacitive sensors or infrared sensors, when the person moves on the floor screen, the sensor can sense the position of the person and trigger information feedback. Give the main controller, and then the main controller logic judges and outputs the corresponding display effect, which is the current hot LED interactive floor screen.

The times are advancing, and the fields and forms of LED display applications are constantly changing. If the conventional LED display on the ground is quite normal and not full of personality, the giant LED canopy screen hoisted on the ceiling can not be seen, then the tiled floor and the LED interactive floor tile screen that can realize the interaction of the human screen will undoubtedly become People’s first choice.

Just as the LED interactive floor tile screen is applied on the glass path. In recent years, the glass plank road has been well received by tourists. According to incomplete statistics, in the past three years, China has opened more than 60 glass plank roads, and the interactive LED floor tiles to rely on its high load-bearing, interactive, convenient and protective performance. The heat dissipation performance and other features have become the best partner for the combination with the glass plank. Its realistic image quality and three-dimensional sound effects add fun to the whole project and attract a large number of tourists. interactive LED floor screens have become the “sweet” of developers in major scenic spots, ushered in a huge market with rapid growth.

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