NOVA HDR High Definition Solution

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In the LED Small-Pitch Display application, the image quality is always the core of the user’s attention. The advantages of the LED Display with high brightness and wide color gamut are not fully presented; also some industry problems, such as uneven grayscale, low gray Accurate, etc., make the LED Display quality in general, the human eye close viewing experience is not good.

In order to make the K-LED Display bring more real expressive power, the team of Nova scientists has been conquering a series of image quality problems for several years, and constantly enriching the content of high-quality display:

Support UHD / 4K resolution for more details;
18-bit + technology, 4 times display grayscale enhancement, making the gradient more delicate and natural;
Fine grayscale technology for more accurate low-gray effect;
HDR10-Optima & HLG incorporates optimized tuning technology for LED Displays for a highly dynamic immersive experience.

MCTRL4K + A8s / A10s
Accurate Analysis, Real Display
MCTRL4K independent master control, with A8S / A10S receiving a card, from the two dimensions of resolution and image quality to enhance the display effect, truly achieve 4K high-quality rendering, especially for the four-in-one and COB Display quality improvement.

Whether it is a conference, monitoring room, exhibition hall, or radio and television live room, a commercial Display, an Indoor LED Display equipped with Nova’s high-quality solution can bring a better visual experience and deepen business value.

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