Why is the brightness of the Outdoor LED Display inconsistent?

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A high-quality Outdoor LED Display must adapt to different temperatures, weather, and normal use in various applications. There must be a good effect on the brightness of the near and far, especially for large concerts event, special effects lighting must be particularly good to meet the needs of stage performances. But sometimes we find that the brightness of the K-LED Display will be inconsistent. What causes makes it happen?

The inconsistent brightness of the Outdoor LED display is determined by the two factors, the light-emitting element and the driving element.

The light-emitting element is the LED light-emitting tube

Inconsistent brightness is inevitable during production. So, the LED display manufacturer adopts a countermeasure to perform binning after the completion of production. The smaller the difference in brightness between the two adjacent bins, the better the consistency, but it will make the LED display manufacturer of low yield and high stock. Therefore, each LED display manufacturer controls the brightness difference by about 20%.

The driving element is a constant current driving chip

Like MBI5026 etc. These chips contain 16 constant current drive outputs, Resistor can be used to set the current output value. The error of each output of the same chip is controlled within 3%. The output error of different chips is controlled by 6%.

It is normal for 25% brightness different between each pixel of an LED display screen

The brightness difference will be more than 40% If the LED pixel is not the same grade or type.

Inconsistent brightness of the Outdoor LED Display is the main reason to make the led screen mixed up

It can not be corrected with the equipment, The only way is during the manufacturing process to achieve. Therefore, please contact your supplier for a solution if you purchased a screen with inconsistent brightness.

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