How is the interactive Transparent LED effect achieved?

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In the latest two years, transparent glass interactive LED screens have risen, and the major attractions have followed suit. Then how to use the LED transparent screen in the glass path is as follows:

As the glass plank path is used outdoors in the mountains or cliffs, the use of LED transparent screen will be more suitable, will not affect the glass plank shelter, and tourists rarely travel in bad weather conditions, so the LED transparent screen brightness is enough, requirements More than 4,500. Or if the sun comes out, the display effect is not true, and there is a tempered glass above the screen. 

The most common glass path is broken glass effect. This effect is very simple to realize. The broken glass under the tempered glass is not only a piece of glass but also a transparent LED display. The technology needs to use the developed sensing radar and special software. When a person walks into the sensing area, the radar issues an instruction and the special effects are triggered, playing the broken glass screen or even audio.

And this special effect must give people a sense of abruptness, that is to say, seeing in the distance is a picture similar to the bottom edge of the glass path, not seeing what is the difference with the other glass path on the edge, only the foot of the person In this area, the effects of broken glass came out, giving people an unexpected sense of fright. In summary, the LED glass interactive screen with special effects is a perfect combination of LED transparent screen and radar to add more fun to life.

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