How to cool the K-LED Transparent Display in the summer

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When the summer is over, the hot weather will directly test the transparent screen. LED transparent screen internal components are also the hottest electronic components: LED lamp beads, driver ICs, power supplies, etc. If the heat is concentrated and cannot be dissipated, the internal components of the LED will be overheated and damaged.

First, the common way to dissipate heat is to expand the cooling holes and a good design structure. In addition, the following several ways are also to solve the problem of poor cooling of LED transparent display screen.

1. Material, design structure
Most of the transparent screens are made of heat-conducting peripheral materials, and more high-quality and durable heat-conducting materials are used. For example, Shenzhen Keasy Technology uses high-quality aluminum materials with good heat dissipation and oxidation resistance on the material of the cabinet, and the electronic component structure of the PCB board. Optimized, simplified and rationally arranged, and sealed with a high thermal conductivity material. Moreover, the multi-layer space inside the cabinet is designed to form a heat dissipation structure with integral convection, which fully utilizes natural air for convection heat dissipation, which not only considers heat dissipation and sealing but also improves reliability and service life.

2. Ambient temperature control
Through temperature control and environmental monitoring, when a certain temperature is reached, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the LED transparent screen backplane, which can indirectly adjust the use time of the whole LED transparent screen to achieve correct configuration and reasonable use.

3. Check on time
The technical supervisors regularly check the use of the transparent display, and can find the heat dissipation problem in time, eliminate the fault, and deal with it in the first time.

In general, the transparent LED display is cooled, and the plan is made during the production and installation of the transparent screen. The air conditioner can be used reasonably and the heat can be repaired in time to prevent the failure. This helps us to effectively ensure the LED transparent screen effect and longevity.

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