K-LED Transparent Mesh Advantages

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At present, outdoor screens are still dominated by conventional screens. The outdoor building structure and environmental protection factors restrict the limitations of the products. Under such conditions, the rise of outdoor LED mesh screens has epoch-making significance. 

First, the definition and function of the LED mesh screen

LED mesh screen is also known as LED curtain screen, LED light strip screen, Building outdoor landmark buildings and stage LED rental display screens, etc., currently have a high reputation in the world. In the first-tier cities in China, LED grid screens also play an important role.

Second, LED mesh screen features and advantages

1. Transparent design, the air permeability rate of 20%-50% does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the rear of the screen body. It has strong wind resistance, effectively reduces wind load and further reduces the strength and weight of the LED display infrastructure. It can also be installed in the glass curtain wall of the building.

2, light-weight, hollow design, compared with the traditional LED display box, no fixed box size, taking the outdoor P15.625 mesh screen as an example, the weight per square meter is only 20 kg, is the traditional One-third of the weight of the LED outdoor screen box.

3, no steel structure, LED mesh display screen uses the principle of module assembly large screen, does not require any steel structure to build, single module can complete the disassembly and assembly of large screen, according to customer custom size, to achieve the fastest installation, The LED grid display uses the most advanced U-shaped aluminum mountings to maximize the integration of the outdoor wall and the LED display.

4, no air conditioning, traditional LED display heat dissipation will lead to screen work failure, in the application of outdoor LED mesh screen can avoid similar problems, because of the advantages of permeability, so that wind and other natural reasons can be avoided, and Can work normally in extremely cold weather such as Russia.

5, energy-saving and environmental protection, no need for auxiliary cooling equipment, no noise, low power consumption, each LED light bar module is made of environmentally friendly materials, transparent around, so you can achieve good self-heat dissipation. At the same time, the power supply, control, etc. are isolated from the illuminating material, and there is no need to specially configure a heat dissipation system like a conventional LED display.

6. A high degree of protection: brushed aluminum shell, imported silicone double encapsulation + lamp strip cover, imported high and low-temperature waterproof wire, professional waterproof joint, to create a fully sealed waterproof structure, LED strips can achieve the highest protection level IP68 Especially suitable for the display built by the riverside.

Third, LED mesh screen building outdoor landmark media, the area is no longer a problem

The LED mesh screen can be designed and installed for long-distance viewing effects and building lighting, especially for outdoor large-scale buildings, cross-street landscape leisure streets, and people’s heart intersections. can achieve clear play during the day is deeply loved by advertisers, outdoor LED mesh screen body is made of horizontal and vertical strips or grid shape, the size can be adjusted freely, installation and disassembly Very convenient.

The large-scale outdoor electronic media represented by the LED mesh screen has entered the outdoor architecture and brought new patterns and changes to the city. The large screen constitutes a new and striking urban landmark. In summary, under the rapid development of new technologies, the rapid visualization and visualization of the city has had a profound impact.

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