K-LED Transparent Safe Guide

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LED transparent screen in the installation and put into use, in addition to routine maintenance and maintenance, but also do a good job of installation, the following is a transparent LED screen manufacturers Wittum to provide you with safe operation guide for your convenience:

Avoid electric shock:● Power must be completely shut down before any installation or repair work.
● Disconnect the product from the AC before using the product or maintaining or installing any part of the product.
● Make sure the product’s protective ground is fully grounded.
● Use only AC power cord compatible with local residents, and have overload or leakage protection facilities.
● The socket for supplying power to the product must be installed close to the product, easily and convenient to cut off the product power supply.
● Use only wires supplied by Shenzhen Keasy Technology or the same size wire for product and AC POWER.
● Use only specified plugs of not less than 20A to connect the product and the AC POWER.
● Before using this product, carefully check all the power distribution equipment and wires are in the best condition.
● Do not use this product if it is damaged, defective, or damp, or if it shows signs of overheating.
● Do not expose the product to rain or moisture for long periods of time.
● This manual is not involved in the operation, please contact a professional engineer.

Avoid fire:
● Temperature monitoring switch or fuse must be used. Replace damaged with
specified type or specified Fuse.
● The clearance between fan and vent is at least 0.1 m.
● Do not modify the product in any way that is not mentioned in the manual.
● Use only components recommended by Shenzhen Keasy Technology to install the product unless other options have been given in the manual.
● When ambient temperature exceeds 55 ℃, do not use this product.

Avoid injuries:
●Make sure that any hardware used to support, secure, and connect all devices     
and devices can support at least 10 times the weight.
●When stacking parts of the product, secure the part plane securely to prevent tilting or collapse of the product.
●Prepare at least two standard spare connectors to ensure the safety of each product. Backup connectors must be able to bear at least 10 times the weight of all gear. And must be installed in accordance with the manual method.
●Check to ensure that all external hardware and equipment connected well and safe.
● Do not allow anyone to enter the work area and working platform during the process of installing, repairing or moving the product.

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