Key Points Of LED Curtain Wall Transparent Design

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Modern metropolis, all kinds of commercial buildings are crowded, there are many people, and the city is full of prosperity. The commercial building LED lighting project is not only the landscaping of the building’s exterior appearance but also changes the urban night landscape environment. The colorful buildings make the city’s night sky starry, highlighting the building’s own characteristics is the commercial building glass curtain wall lighting design. The essential.
The glass curtain wall is a large architectural decoration method used by modern commercial buildings. When lighting design, we can choose different lighting methods according to the different uses of the building, and use various lighting products reasonably to avoid spreading. Waste, causing unnecessary loss of resources.
What is the key point in the design of the glass curtain wall of the commercial building?

The lighting design of the glass curtain wall is realized through a different light, and the lighting atmosphere is fully rendered by the architectural atmosphere. The LED lighting engineering culture and artistic power is a unique way of artistic material lighting, and the value and human ecology are infiltrated. Into the lighting design.
Among the LED lighting tools of various commercial buildings, the Transparent LED Display is popular among architects and owners. It has high transparency and high flexibility and can be installed on various flat and curved glass curtain walls. It does not affect daytime building lighting. The transparent LED display is dominated by the curtain wall. With the modern LED photoelectric language, the commercial value of the glass curtain wall of the commercial building is improved by the simple lighting design.
Of course, the design of the LED lighting project should not be limited to the level of meeting simple lighting standards. Focusing on the harmony and unity of the lighting tools and the light and the displayed subject, the starting point is from the simple and simple, light and elegant style.

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