LED Transparent Display Screen Anti-Static Knowledge

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In the performance parameters of LED transparent display screen products, many people pay more attention to the color, brightness, chip, power supply, IC and other issues of the display screen, but few people pay attention to the anti-static performance of the LED transparent display screen. The impact of static electricity on electronic products is large and sometimes fatal.
To minimize the harm of static electricity to LED displays, manufacturers, distributors, and customers are required to strictly implement the ESD20.20 standard during production, transportation, and use. Direct discharge of static electricity through the wire connection to the earth during production is the most direct and effective of anti-static measures.
LED transparent screen

First, the source of static electricity: static electricity is a static charge, static electricity is generally concentrated on the surface or surface of the object, the initial phase of the object is electrically neutral, when the two objects are rubbed, the heat generated by the surface stimulates the internal charge motion to accumulate on the surface of the object Static electricity is generated. If it is a conductor, the charge is easy to flow and the electrical neutrality is quickly restored. Therefore, the friction is mainly the way in which the insulator generates static electricity. Static power sources that affect circuits mainly include human bodies, plastic products, and related equipment. Static power sources from the use environment include objects and materials; floors, workbenches, and chairs; packaging containers; painted or waxed surfaces; organic and fiberglass materials; concrete floors; painted or waxed floors; plastic floor tiles or floor leather; Workwear; non-conductive work shoes; clean cotton overalls; plastic, boxes, boxes, bags, trays, foam linings.
Second, anti-static measures: the use of electrostatic sensitive circuit personnel to carry out electrostatic knowledge and related technology training; establish an anti-static work area, use anti-static floor, anti-static workbench, anti-static grounding lead and anti-static appliances in the area, And the relative humidity should be controlled above 40; LED transparent display screen is a device sensitive to static electricity. In the production process, workers are required to wear a grounded electrostatic wristband. Especially in the process of cutting feet, inserts, commissioning and post-welding, and monitoring, quality personnel must do a static test of the bracelet at least every two hours to make a test record. Requires the production environment to lay copper wire grounding, such as floors, walls, and ceilings used on some occasions should use anti-static materials.

Third, transportation and packaging: LED Transparent Screen Products should be stored in anti-static bags or containers during daily operation. Static electricity is prevented at the transport end. When transporting, the transport vehicle remains grounded, and the box or other equipment carries conductive wheels or drags. When contacting LED products, keep the correct handling method, do not directly touch the PCB and the electronic components above.
Mastering anti-static knowledge will help improve the production efficiency of LED transparent display screen products and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

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