LED Transparent Display Screen Applications and Features

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The LED Transparent Screens are a new product based on the traditional LED display, which breaks the limitation of the traditional LED display on the glass wall. The traditional LED display is installed on the exterior wall of the building to completely block the outdoor light. The weight of the screen itself tests the safety of the building itself, and may also affect the appearance of the building itself. The LED transparent display screen has a unique display effect, because the display background is transparent, which can make the advertising picture feel suspended in the glass wall, and has good advertising effect and artistic effect. With a permeability of 70% – 95%, it guarantees the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall and does not affect the appearance and style of the building.

1. LED transparent display screen has the following characteristics:
Ultra-thin and ultra-light: thickness is about 3mm, weight is 2~4kg/m2
High permeability: The structure is exceptionally simple and the permeability is as high as 85% or more.
Easy to install: just put a light on the screen, then connect the signal and power
Wide viewing angle: horizontal and vertical viewing angle 140°, wide viewing range, no color cast
Cost savings: no steel structure required, and changing the appearance of the building, saving transportation and installation costs

2. LED transparent display screen application areas:
A. Building glass wall, city landmark high-rise
B. The glass windows of the shops along the street.
C. Glass windows for banks, real estate, auto 4S shops, etc.
D. Subway exit
E. Lighting project: along the river guardrail, high-rise buildings can be used only by sticking to our company’s membrane screen.
F. Interior decoration: decoration of various brand stores in large shopping malls, demonstration wall of exhibition halls on each floor, usually used to decorate glass, and guests can play video demonstrations.

LED transparent screen not only integrates the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition LED display, but also is very thin and light, can be well installed on the glass, and can also solve the video display problem of the window! All in all, now whether it is a shopping mall, 4S shop, or glass curtain wall, there is glass, you can have the shadow of LED Transparents Screens! In the future, LED transparent screens will inevitably become more and more popular, making the city shine!

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