Transparent LED Display Screen Ultimate Purchase Guide

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1. What is a Transparent LED Display Screen?

Transparent LED Display Screen, just as its name suggests, is LED display screen that is similar to glass with the function of lights going through. Its permeation ration ranges from 50% to 90%, while its thickness is only around 10mm. Its high permeability has close relations with its special materials, structures, and installation methods.

Transparent LED Displays are also commonly referred to as Clear LED Display, see-through LED, LED film, transparent glass LED display, digital display on glass, glass LED screen, LED curtain wall display, LED window display, LED glass panel, The curved transparent LED display, glass video display, etc…

A. Transparent LED Display Screen Principle

Its principle main covers three areas:1) micro-innovation or perfection of the  LED light bar, 2)targeted improvements towards the patch manufacture process, lamp bead package and the control system, 3)adoption of hollowed-out design to reduce the block of structural components; All these improvements is to improve the permeability and lighting performance.

Due to the special nature of glass curtain wall and other related factors, the customization of transparent LED display screen cabinet is diversified. Transparent LED display screen adopts s implied methods to design the cabinet which reduces the width of the cabinet keel and the fixed number of LED light strips. LED module panel can be installed from the back of glass by adhesive to the glass. LED module size can be customize by the glass size. In this way, it will have little impact on light performance and permeability  and it is easy to stall and maintain.

B. Transparent LED Display Screen Features

(1) High permeability, 50%-90% permeability, guaranteed the original lighting  function of the glass curtain wall

(2) Light in weight and small space occupation. The thickness of the main panel is only 10mm, and the weight of the transparent screen is only 12kg/m2.

(3) Easy to install and fine appearance, low cost, no steel structure needed, directly fixed to the glass curtain wall.

(4) Unique display and outcome, transparent background, advertisement on the screen give viewers the feeling of floating on the glass curtain wall.

(5) Easy indoor maintenance, quick and safe.

(6) Energy-saving and environment-friendly, no fan or air-conditioner required for heat dissipation, save more than 40% energy compared to traditional ones.

Due to the special nature of a glass curtain wall and other related factors, the customization of a transparent LED display screen cabinet is diversified. Transparent LED display screen adopts s implied methods to design the cabinet which reduces the width of the cabinet keel and the fixed number of LED light strips. LED module panels can be installed from the back of the glass by adhesive to the glass. LED module size can be customized by the glass size. In this way, it will have little impact on light performance and permeability  and it is easy to stall and maintain.

C. Transparent LED display Application AREAS

Urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, auto 4S shops, hotels, banks, chain stores, etc.

2. What is the difference between the traditional LED Display screen and the Transparent LED Display Screen?

With the continuous development of the market economy in recent years, high-rise buildings are everywhere in the city, transparent LED screen display has been widely used in urban glass curtain wall, architectural aesthetics, and many other areas in order to improve the outlook of the landscape or architectures. Many customers are unfamiliar with the term transparent LED display. so what are the differences between the transparent LED display and a traditional LED display?

A. High permeability, no impact on indoor lighting performance and  other indoor cool display

It is well known that SMD’s traditional display screens are opaque and can affect building lighting. The transparent LED screen adopts the self-developed side light-emitting display technology, and the light bar is almost invisible to the naked eye from the front. In this way, it greatly improves the permeability, supports the machine patch, and higher productivity.

B. light in weight, Cost-effective without steel structure

The traditional display screen is 30kg per square meter. When the screen area is too large, it is a big challenge to the steel structure to hold the main screen or the original building structure. The LED transparent screen can be installed vertically and independently without glass. If it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be directly attached to the curtain wall steel structure. Its extremely light weight of 16kg/m2  has a low load demand for the steel structure.

C. Strip light bar structure can be customized in different shapes

Traditional display screens are limited by the structure of the cabinet. When combining or joining the cabinet together, it is easily to see the disadvantages and faults especially the joint area. Guojia Optoelectrics can be customized and perfectly jointed into different shapes in order to get a  natural and beautiful outlook, and the shapes including column, pillar, round , triangle and so on.

D. Outdoor screen applications, But indoor installation, outdoor viewing

The traditional displays install indoors, but will block sunlight and eyesight.However, transparent LED screens has provide a solution  for outdoor screen applications. It will be installed indoor and viewed outdoor without worrying about the waterproof or UV issues.  It is very reliable and products performance is very stable.

3. Transparent LED Display SThe introduction and description of Transparent LED Display Screen common faults or failures

The transparent display is highly loved by clients and users due to its vast advantages such as  high definition, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, etc. It is widely used in many different fields such as security, entertainment, and advertising. For customers, they all want to purchase high-quality transparent LED screen,and it requires proper maintenance. Without proper maintenance, its outlook will be negatively affected as as usage life, even LED lights are dead or vast color difference.  Therefore, A proper maintenance has played an important role in using the Transparent LED display screen.

A. Put the large-screen optical equipment into wherethat is easy to ventilatein order to improve the bulbs’life of the large-screen optical equipment

B. Regularlymake completecleaning of  all large-screen optical devices in order to  improve the brightness and contrast of the large-screen display system (10% to 30% improvement).

C. it will affect the normal use of large screens outdoors when the temperature is very low. It is recommended to stop using the equipment  when it is below minus 30 degrees. However , you can take other measures to ensure normal operation such as  air conditioning in the cabinet.

4. Definition, resolution and Pixel pitch of Transparent LED Display Screen

The smaller the transparent LED screen Pixel pitch, the higher the definition and resolution will be. However, it will be more expensive. We should take different factors into consideration such as cost and demand and application range in order to get the best cost-effective products.

It is not always the best to choose the smallest pixel pitch as the cost will play an important part. Selecting the best and cost effective products will be very crucial. Usually it is closely related to the definition of the screen, best viewing distance and application place. These are determining factors in selecting suitable products, if the distance is shorter, the price is normally higher, and the visual would be better.

5. Transparent LED Display Screen Purchase Method:

A. It reflects the pixel density from the interval between two pixels, and the pixel density is the physical property of the display screen; the pitch is smaller, the pixel density is higher, and the information per unit can be displayed at one time will be much more.

B. When selecting the transparent LED display, it is necessary to take a comprehensive consideration such as the area of the site, the viewing interval and whether it can support special visualization effects. This is because the smaller the pitch, the higher the pixel density, and the lower the permeability. More LED lamp beads are required per unit area, which naturally comes at the cost of losing some permeability.

6. High Quality Transparent LED Display Detection Methods And Steps

Currently, a transparent LED screen applies in the field of staging, curtain wall, and commercial display. For non-professionals, when they need a transparent LED display, they are worried about low-quality products and do not know how to choose. As below are the standard tests taken by Guojia Optoelectronics

A. Screen Detection

◎ Visual inspection and hand touching feel can be used as an initial step to tell whether there is any problem with the main part;

◎ The screen coating does not have any shedding parts;

◎ The screen image has no color cast, no death, etc.

◎ The spacing of the LED beads of the screen body is neat and uniform, and there is no unevenness. The jointing gap error is within 0.2mm.

◎ The color is consistent with the sample. No obvious chromatic aberration is observed under natural light or fluorescent lamps. The same batch of products has no color difference, and the coating surface is smooth, even and uniform.

B. The Cabinet Panel Detection

There are a lot of detecting methods to check the cabinet. The commonly used tools are vernier caliper, tape measure, leveling instrument. It requires the inspectors to check one by one very strictly in accordance with the drawings of the designers to see whether there are parts missing or fewer.

◎ The deviation of the outer dimensions of the LED transparent screen cabinet is no more than 0.5mm, and the difference between the two diagonal lines is no more than 1mm;

◎ Check whether the burr is removed, whether the acute angle is blunt, and no hand-scraping or thorning is allowed

◎ Each nut and nut column must be processed by the back-to-tooth treatment to ensure that the screw can be locked smoothly;

◎ Verify that the overall assembly requirements of the cabinets are processed according to the drawings. All accessories (such as locks and hinges) must be made of existing standard parts. The mechanical strength and sealing performance must be ensured during assembly.

◎ The welding of each joint of the cabinet must be firm, without the virtual welding or leakage welding print.

◎ The punching of the LED module hole and the flatness of the front face should be ensured after the welding. The surrounding panels should not be warped or deformed. The flatness error is less than 1MM. The size of the positioning hole on the front panel of the cabinet is strictly controlled. The aperture size and hole spacing. The error is less than 0.1mm, and the X and Y directions of the group hole axis should be on the same straight line, and the straight line should be perpendicular to the edge of the box respectively, and the perpendicularity is less than 1mm.

7. The Future of Transparent LED Display Screen

Transparent LED display, also known as LED glass screen, is mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall. It is used to display high-definition screens. It is characterized by high transparency and ultra-light weight. The traditional LED display is installed on the exterior wall of the building which completely block the outdoor light. The weight of the screen main body tests the safety of the building itself, and also it may affect the appearance of the building. The transparent LED display integrating with the building from the appearance, does not affect the original style and the lighting of the building. Being ultralight and ultra-thin has gained a great advantage with regards to traditional media field.

Along with the proliferation of outdoor advertising LED displays, it has caused series of negative issues, including the image of the city. When the LED display is working, it indeed brighten the city and release information. However, when it is “resting”, it seems to be a “scar” of the city, which is incompatible with the surrounding environment and causes  negative effects on the beauty of the city.

Due to the emergence of these problems, the approval of outdoor large-screen installations has become more and more cumbersome, and the management of outdoor advertisements has become more stringent.

The transparent LED display not only integrates all the advantages of a conventional outdoor HD LED display, but also minimizes the bad effects on urban aesthetics. Because it is installed behind a glass curtain wall indoors,and does not affect the surrounding environment even when it is not working during the day. At the same time, it adopts a new form of indoor advertising outdoor communication, it has circumvented the approval of outdoor advertising.

With the acceleration of the pace of urbanization, the glass curtain wall, which is made of a high-end building materials, has gradually become popular. The transparent LED screen is characterized by its ultra light, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and so on. The curtain wall can be described as a hit with the latest transparent LED display screen, due to it is a show case of fashion, beauty, modernity and technology, adding a special beauty to the urban architecture. Therefore, the transparent LED glass screen has won unanimous recognition in the market and has attracted extensive attentions and enthusiasm. In the contemporary era of LED display development, the market demand for transparent LED screens is also increasing, and has been rapidly developed, and will have great vitality in the future.

As transparent LED screens are more and more recognized by customers, the demand will increase rapidly. This will certainly encourage the production of mid-stream enterprises to find ways to reduce production costs. When the cost of the transparent screen is down to little difference with the traditional LED display, coupled with the incomparable advantages of the transparent screen, we believe that the transparent display will have a broader market prospect.

8. Can the Transparent LED Display Screen be implemented in the tourist attraction?

The major tourist attractions are crowded during the holidays. It is believed that many people have seen the LED display screen occasionally when they are watching the scenic spots. It adds a splendid brilliance to the scenic spot. The ethereal transparent LED display has been popular in the market once it is launched. Can the scenic spot be equipped with a transparent LED display?

Under the premise of not destroying the structure and aesthetics of the building, the transparent LED screen can be used to enhance and embellish the building of the scenic spot to create a characteristic atmosphere that conforms to the scenic spot. There are many places in the tourist attractions that are suitable for installing transparent LED displays. The clients should consider three main factors:

◎ The Ticket Office

The ticket office is a place where more people are gathered in the tourist attractions. A transparent LED screen can be installed at the ticket office to display the scenic spot in time information, including fares, popular tourist attractions and sightseeing routes. The glass window of the ticket office is undoubtedly a good location for installing a transparent screen. It is conspicuous. After the installation, it can increase the attention of tourists to the attraction and stimulate their desire to purchase tickets.

◎ The Glass Path

Recently, the special effects of 3D glass plank roads are relatively hot. Visitors walking on the glass plank road will produce shattered pictures and sounds, which are highly irritating. This special effect technology can also be realized with a transparent LED display. The transparent screen cooperates with the relevant software to generate the glass fragmentation screen, and then cooperate with the sound to simulate the effect of glass bursting, so that tourists can be immersed in the scene and make the attractions more entertaining.

◎ The Performance Stage

Some tourist attractions also have a special performance stage to spread the local folk culture. Through careful matching of stage lighting, sound effects, smoke and screens, the transparent LED display uses its unique screen display technology and transparency to create a three-dimensional, realistic and dreamy ideal space, making the stage more effective. With a sense of hierarchy and dreams, it is also real and virtual, which greatly enhances the expressiveness and influence of folk culture programs.

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