Transparent LED Exterior Media Walls

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The high-rise building in the city is a good outdoor advertising carrier. Through LED, projection and other technical means, the building becomes a three-dimensional optical advertising carrier. This technology is called “construction media” technology and has been used in recent years. It has become popular at home and abroad. The urban buildings, where the glass curtain wall structure dominates, how to transform these glass curtain wall buildings into “construction media” and exert commercial value are currently very hot technical issues.

It needs to solve technical problems:
(1) To avoid damaging the appearance and structure of the glass curtain wall;
(2) Maintain the permeability of the glass curtain wall;
(3) To maximize the expressiveness of the construction media.

In order to resolve these contradictions, various solutions have emerged in the market, mainly in the following five categories:

(1) LED pixel lights, guardrail tube
It is the most common technical method used in building lighting. The products are generally installed on the outline of the building or the joints of the glass curtain wall units. This method is low in cost, easy to install and simple to control, but its performance is very limited, even if it will be an entire seat. When the facade of a building is full, it can only display simple patterns and text information, which does not achieve the desired performance.

(2) Box type LED display
Installed on the exterior of the building, it has a very clear display effect. However, the weight of the structure is very large (30~70kg/m2), and the load-bearing requirements of the screen steel structure and the original building structure are high. A large-scale steel frame structure is needed during the construction, which takes time and effort and generates the appearance and appearance of the building. Must be affected. And the screen is opaque. After the project is installed, it is not lit during the day and the black one affects the beautiful appearance of the building, blocking the sunlight and the line of sight, and affecting the indoor lighting.

(3) Grid LED display
With a certain degree of permeability, it can ensure a transparent effect of about 40% of the glass curtain wall, and can be installed in a large area, but the pixels are low, and the pixel pitch is generally more than 20mm, and the screen cannot achieve a clear display effect. At the same time, the requirements for construction and maintenance are relatively high, and the cost is relatively high. When the building is designed, it is necessary to consider the screen bearing and installation and maintenance issues.

(4) Projection
The projector is used to project the picture on the wall of the building, but the projector is still relatively low in lumens, the lamp life is short, the price is expensive, and it is also difficult to project on a wide range, so the application is not common.

(5) The Transparent LED external wall screen
An LED transparent screen technology, 60% ~ 90% of the transparent rate, panel thickness of about 10mm, LED panels can be installed close to the glass behind the glass, the unit size can be customized according to the glass size, the glass curtain wall lighting perspective has little effect, and Easy to install and maintain, ideal for applications in the “Construction Media” field.

The design of this LED display technology greatly reduces the blocking of the structural components to the line of sight and maximizes the perspective effect. At the same time, it also has novel and unique display effects. The audience stands at an ideal distance and the picture is suspended above the glass wall. When the advertisement is displayed on such a screen, when the advertisement content screen is designed, the unnecessary background color may be removed, replaced with black, and only the content required for expression may be displayed. When the black portion is displayed, the screen does not emit light, which is a transparent effect. This kind of playback method can greatly reduce light pollution, at the same time, it can also reduce energy consumption, and can achieve more than 30% energy saving than ordinary LED display screens.

Advantages and features:
(1) The high perspective ensures the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall.
(2) It does not occupy space. The thickness of the mainboard is only 10mm, and the weight of the screen is only 15Kg/m2, without changing the building structure.
(3) No steel frame structure is needed, which saves a lot of installation and maintenance costs, and is easy and convenient for indoor installation and maintenance.
(4) The unique display, because the display background is transparent, can give the impression of advertising screen suspended on the glass wall, advertising, and artistic effect.

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