K-LED Building Lighting

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  • Product Name: K-LED Building Lighting
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Applications: Outdoor Facade Buildings, LED Sculpture, Stadiums , etc.

Product's Features

  1. Ingress protection grade IP68,can be used underwater 100m.
  2. Use of the lowest temperature -40℃.
  3. It can be used in marine environment by salt spray detection.
  4. Flame retardant grade V-0,from the fire self-extinguishing.
  5. Anti-UV 4-5 level, can be used outoors for 10 years, not self-cracking and significant discoloration.
  6. LED could sustain for the free fall deep impact test for 3.5kg hammer from 1.2 meter height.


LED Point Lights

LED Point Lights source products are tested under water 100 meters, and its waterproof level achieves IP68 (the highest level of waterproof level standard). It can stand high water pressure for several years, can withstand a low-temperature ambient temperature of -40 ºC and a maximum of 55 º, it is anti-UV (ultraviolet) 4-5 grade, can be used outdoors for 10 years, without self-cracking and obvious discoloration. The product has good durability, flexible design and installation. This product can provide customized services according to customer requirements to meet the different needs of customers.

LED Linear Lights

LED Linear Lights products, the luminaire housing is made of light weight aluminum alloy, the surface is oxidized, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are high, and the weather resistance is strong. The product has a built-in modular light source, and the aluminum alloy luminaire housing and the wire trough adopt the H shape integrated design. When the luminaire is installed, no additional slot is needed, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

How To Install K-LED Building Lighting

K-LED Building Lighting Product Testing

Production & Testing & Installation

String with Mesh Light - Reliability Test


In order to design a lighting effect on a building there are a few factors that we should take in consideration some factors like the following:

  1. What content needs to be projected?
  2. What is its purpose?
  3. What kind of lighting is needed?
  4. What effects need to be placed in order to give a meliorate appearance to the building structures


We focus on architecture lighting for hotels, bridges, commercial and residential buildings and villas façade lighting solutions. Are goal is to create art out of the shape of any building integrating LED lighting.


The movement and folds in the architectural skin of the building are accentuated through a layering of the façade lighting. Recessed window reveals have been up-lit using dimmable linear profiles with light levels either raised or lowered at crests and troughs in the elevations. Trusses have been softly up-lit and zig zag elements are individually accented with surface mounted projectors highlighting the outer surface. This enhances the perception of movement in the architecture and highlights the changes in the façade.

To humanize the scale of the building we highlight the street level elevation and provide an indirect light line to draw out the start of each level. Whilst light glowing from the large glass lobby helps to define the base.

The skyline visibility is achieved through up lights highlighting the glass and mullion structure at the crown ensuring the building is distinguishable and visible at a distance.

The lighting design proposed by us gives the unique character and a long range visibility, allowing it to be seen from miles away as an iconic addition to UAE’s Skyline.

At the external façade area, the walls of the development will be dramatically lit, creating a contrast with the brighter exterior shell. A system of light emitting diodes is to be built into the intersections of the mullion structure with the soffit in the facade. Each LED point will be individually addressable and color changing with an RGBW system, allowing for the creation of magnificent shades and pearlescent color gradients. A series of high powered projector lights will wash the external curtain wall surfaces, skimming the elevations to prevent light trespass and enhancing the mullion structure as an external shell.



Our supply team ensures that the right products are made available in right quantity, at right place, in right time. Through our streamlined operations, project management skills and market, the supply team has proven to be a competent factor. Supply team in charged able to contribute considerably cost savings for our esteemed customers to increase the bond connectivity.


K-LED Building Lighting is easy to install. Ready for immediate use and ideal for facade lighting applications due to wide color spectrum of RGB and white tones. The luminaires set the company building in an attractive light. Accentuate the brand name and the logo. Products consume less energy, maintenance costs is minimizing due to a long service life and outstanding resistance to atmospheric conditions.


Our contributed team further places the request for the mockup test on sample to our client’s which benefit to understand the product on the outdoor facade building to ensure the illumination. Products are well explained to the clients before installed. Product explanation will be under single color based or RGB effect based. Where RGB effect gives out the multi-color effect to the building playing with millions of colors.


The process we follow before the installation:
  • Visit the site for a preliminary consultation
  • Obtain the required architectural drawings
  • Study the plans and elevations and map out the lighting distribution
  • Go in depth and calculate the lighting levels using the software that builds the house in 3D and places the lights accordingly
  • Present the client with a wholesome concept image and each lighting fixture to be used We offer an installation service (where it is required) for all the items we supply. Before the installation of work, we submit the shop drawing under the software. In that software all the lights will be placed in the auto-cad file to explain the light fixture. Clients will be explained about Facade lights fixing method, and its control accessing.

Execution perhaps is the most complex part in the business of lighting design. Architectural structures in urban spaces-the sky scrape structures, environmental and aesthetic regulations, safety and risk factor are amount of challenges to our team.

We provide the best available tools and equipment to our workforce to perform with maximum efficiency. Our systematic approach to solutions has translated into increased productivity.


Modern Lighting techniques with reduced cost
By renovating your lighting technology, you save energy and thus, you save money. However, another important retrofitting savings factor for outdoor (or any difficult to reach area) is the savings achieved through reduction in maintenance costs. By streamlining technology and having just 2 or 3 different lighting technologies (bulbs and ballasts) throughout your facility, you do not need to keep as much replacement material in stock. Your new lighting technology for exterior applications, LED especially, will have a long lamp life that reduces the amount of maintenance hours required to upkeep your exterior lighting. Some LED products have anticipated life of 50,000 hours and up.  

How to save energy, get the light you need and conserve the night sky
We design your outdoor lighting for maximum efficiency and night sky conservation by choosing the right fixtures and the right system layout. We come with solutions to meet these needs and a model that shows anticipated light levels. If a comparison between your existing and proposed new lighting systems is available, you will likely be surprised to find out how many inefficiencies and potentially light-polluting issues can be resolved with energy-saving fixtures that are built to reduce glare and light trespass. Consider these elements, plus improved safety and maintenance savings when you are ready to make changes to your exterior lighting system. The decision between upgrading and not upgrading gets easier the more you know!

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Location: Tianjing
Item Category: Building
Type of Lamp: LED Point Light
Number of Lamps: 180,000pcs

Location: Hainan, China
Item Category: Building Lighting
Type of Lamp: LED Point Light 
Number of Lamps: 96,200pcs

Location: Shandong,China
Item Category: Building Lighting
Type of Lamp: LED Point Light
Number of Lamps: 51,135pcs

Location: Lijiang Yunnan China
Item Category: Building lighting
Type of Lamp: LED Point Light
Number of Lamps: 335,000pcs
Location: Fujian,China
Item Category: Building Lighting
Type of Lamp: LED Mesh Screen
Completion Time: July 2018
Location: Jiaxing,Zhejiang
Item Category: Building
Type of Lamp: LED Point Light
Number of Lamps: 248,000pcs
Location: Hainan,China
Item Category: Building Lighting
Type of Lamp: LED Linear Light Source
Number of Lamps: 5,300pcs
Location: Fujian,China
Item category: Building Lighting
Type of lamp: LED Point Light Source 1,604pcs
LED Wall Washer 3,567sets
Location: Quanzhou,Fujian
Item Category: Facade Lighting
Type of Lamp: Linear Light/ Double protection 25 Wall Washer
Number of Lamps: Linear Light 2280 meters / Wall Washer 108 meters
Location: Nan Tong, Jiangsu
Item Category: Facade Lighting
Type of Lamp: LED Wall Washer
Number of Lamps: 97,776 sets
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Item Category:Building facade
Type of Lamp: LED Pixel Light
Number of Lamps: 33,600pcs
Location:Nanchang, Jiangxi
Item Category:media screen
Type of Lamp: LED Point Light
Number of Lamps: 64,800pcs

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