The K-Protector X4 utilizes Ultraviolet lamps to disinfect up to 99.9% of an area, killing viruses and harmful micro-organisms in less than 2 minutes after they have been properly exposed to it, by breaking down their DNA structure and making them harmless. The K – Protector X4 is here to ensure the air health in public places, it is very important for the public to create a comfortable, clean, and hygienic environment.


K-Protector X4 is Non-Toxic

Arguably, the most important benefit of UV disinfection is that it’s non-toxic. Unlike harsh chemicals that are sometimes used in cleaning and sanitization products, UV light is environmentally friendly. UV disinfection is a physical process, not a chemical one. UV disinfection is safe for use on food as well as food prep services and non-food items. While human beings can be harmed by excessive UV exposure, proper protection makes this a safe and non-toxic disinfection method for the restaurant, hospitality, and medical industries.

K-Protector X4 is Extremely Effective

The next key benefit of UV disinfection is that it is far more effective than other methods. UV light kills a wide array of harmful organisms. For example, do you know that UV light destroys molds and spores? Other disinfection methods may not – or they may leave a damp environment where fungi can thrive. Since UV disinfection is a dry method, you can be sure that it will take care of the existing mold and prevent its growth in the future.

K-Protector X4 kills Pathogens without Immunity

The development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a significant problem in the medical community. Unlike traditional disinfection methods, UV disinfection is a physical method for killing bacteria. Therefore, bacteria cannot build immunity to it. That’s a huge plus, particularly for hospitals and assisted living facilities.

K-Protector X4 does not have to be Portable

The next benefit of UV light disinfection is that the technologies we’ve created can stay in place in guest rooms, ready to be used as needed. The great news is that means you can install our unit and then let it autonomously do the work When you want to disinfect the room, you just need to set the timer and press the power button. Our product can help you get the job done without you present.

K-Protector X4 is Affortable

It might surprise you to know that UV disinfection is an affordable sanitization method. People sometimes assume that it’s costly because it uses technology instead of chemicals, but that’s not the case. A one-time investment in UV light disinfection technology can save you time and money for years because the 50000-hour lifetime of our electrodeless tubes means you will not have maintenance costs over the life of the product and since the unit can work automatically when installed, you don’t have the associated labor costs over time as other methods do.

K-Protector X4 is Safe

One of the most common questions we get about UV disinfection is, “Is it safe to use?” People tend to associate UV exposure with risks such as sunburn, but the key thing to understand is that UV light is safe if used properly. Our systems have redundant safety systems built in to ensure the product w not power on until 12s after pressing the power button so that users have enough time to leave the ill room. UV light is less likely to cause harm than the harsh chemicals in cleaning products if you take the appropriate precautions.

K-Protector X4 Applications


Patented Technology

Large Effective Area

7.5 minutes can kill
up to 99.95% of Microbes
15 minutes can kill
up to 99.99% of Microbes

UVC Electrodeless Tubes can produce powerful UV light and kill 99.99% of microbes within a very short time.

Devaloped by International Team

Based on the theory of ITER, we use microwaves to drive the liquid mercury within Electrodeless Tubes to produce powerful UV rays which are more powerful than the normal UV lamps.

30~150m² Effective Area

One device is enough for
disinfecting a big space such as
a Classroom, a Canteen, or an Office.

Power Saving

Timer Switch

Tenfold Lifetime

Protecting your Health Efficiently

Electrodeless Tubes have high energy conversions efficiency and reduce 50% power consumption.

0~30 Minutes

The sterilizer will power off automatically when the time’s up.

50,000 Hours Lifetime

Electrodeless Tubes are powered by microwaves and not affected by electrode oxidation.

Effective Area≤ 150m²Frequency2450MHz
Noise55dB(A)Dimensions1160mm x 325mm x 1505mm
Rated Power1280WTotal UV Intensity≥ 1700uw/cm²
Output Power≤1.28KWTube MaterialQuartz
Disinfection Rate90%-100%Type of TubeElectrodeless UV Tube
Wavelength253.7nmTube Quantity15