K-Smart Panel

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  • Product Name: K-Smart Panel
  • Usage: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Combination of Traditional Printing and Digital Advertising
  • Applications: Retail Stores, Public Areas, Outdoor Billboards, Digital Signage, etc.

About the K-Smart Panel

K-Smart Panel is an Affordable Digital Solution for Everyone.

The idea behind the K-Smart Panel is the combination of Printing and Video.

In a few words, K-Smart Panel is a device with a printing in the front and a White Backlight from our K-LED Panels.

The result of this combination is an image with a stunning lightning animation.

K-Smart Panel Components

K-Smart Panel Development

The K-Smart Panel is composed of LED light-emitting board module, controller, high-definition printing, etc. 

After years of research and development, we have upgraded to the eighth-generation version today. No matter from the core technical level or the process architecture, it is becoming more and more refined, making the advertising screen expression more delicate and agile. In addition, the overall appearance of the K-Smart Panel is also crafted. More exquisite.

Custom Size - Shape - Indoor & Outdoor

We can customize your K-Smart Panel as you desire!

It can be made in any dimensions and any shapes.

K-Smart Panel cames with Indoor or Outdoor option.

No Installation Area is an obstacle for the K-Smart Panel.

The Printing and the Animation design are provided bu us!

Before the Printing

After the Printing

Pixel PitchModule Panel SizeModule Panel DensityAvg. Power Consumption
7.5mm420mm x 294mm56dots x 40dots130 W/m²
10mm320mm x 160mm32dots x 16dots130 W/m²
20mm240mm x 120mm12dots x 6dots50 W/m²
20mm240mm x 240mm12dots x 12dots50 W/m²
20mm160mm x 160mm8dots x 8 dots50 W/m²
20mm320mm x 160mm16dots x 8dots50 W/m²
20mm320mm x 320mm16dots x 16dots50 W/m²

K-Smart Panel Intelligent System

Updating your K-Smart Panel

Changing the Advertising Material on the K-Smart Panel is easier than ever.

There are only two things you need to do! You need a new printing and a new video design.

You can design a new video animation either in with your video designer either contacting us to offer you the new design.

You load the video to K-Smart Panel via a USB and you install the new printing in less than 5 minutes!

SD Card Installation for Content Update

K-Smart Panel LED Board

K-Smart Shelves Introduction

K-Smart Shelves is the most revolutionary product for the retail market right now. 

Knowing the high-demand that retail has for affordable digital advertising on shelves, Keasy created the K-Smart Shelves that are implementing the technology of the K-Smart Panel. 

Able to draw the attention of an audience with animated effects or animated text, this product is bringing the future today.

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