K-Smart Tag

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  • Product Name: K-Smart Tag
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Easy & Affordable Advertising
  • Applications: Retail Stores, Shelves Gondolas etc.

How the K-Smart Tag works?

The K-Smart Tag product consists of top printed overlay.

  • Similar products always switch between black and white. On Keasy, we cut the K-Smart Tag into pieces by the outlines. Like following:

The controller(programmable) makes each part of K-Smart Tag ‘black’ or ‘white’.

  • The K-Smart Tag’s display sheet is covered with printed overlay, it is semi-transparent, like the following picture:
  • We put the semi-transparent overlay on K-Smart Tag, and this is the final look:

What is the structure of a K-Smart Tag?

Benefits of the K-Smart Tags.

  • No Wires – The K-Smart Tag is battery powered.
  • The K-Smart Tag is Thin, Light Weight and Flexible.
  • It offers a clean clear display with no blurry images. 
  • Only 6 batteries (C2032) are need to keep it powered for more than 10 months.
  • The K-Smart Tag is Splash-Proof and Shock-Proof.
  • There is no heat of its operation.
  • It is Eye-Catching and attracts the attention.

Where you can place a K-Smart Tag?

Shelf Shouter

Bulk Display

Shelf Strips

Large Display

Stock Stand

Exposure Stand

Counter Display

Two Slide Display

SET packages

Magazine Cover

Magazine inner page

How To Place an Order?

  • Design Your Overlay Artwork you Desire.
  • We will design for you the animation of the overaly
  • After accepting the artwork, we will send you the quotation.
  • You can proceed with a sample or a mass order, we can provide you both.
  • We will produce and pack your K-Smart Tags
  • Finally we will ship your order to you.

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