Giovanni Kamarikos’ 5 Billion Prediction

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Giovanni Kamarikos
CEO of Shenzhen Keasy Technology

At the end of December 2019, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was first identified in the Wuhan City of China, which is characterized by fast human-to-human transmission, medical staff infection, and community transmission has since spread globally, with the number of infected people exceeded 5 million. Since then many countries all over the world announced population lockdowns, people were forced to be distanced socially for the sake of their own and their loved ones’ health and safety. Businesses didn’t know how to handle the situation, many of them shut down, people lost their jobs while others worked from home but still with an uncertain future. The global economy was shaken, and it is trying to get back on its feet. More and more people are returning to their daily routines and various hygiene measures have been introduced throughout the countries to control the spread of the virus.

In the middle of all this uncertainty, a new market has opened, giving many people the opportunity to get back on their feet or expand their businesses. Gloves, masks, sanitizers were the first that took over the market. Soon after, technology stepped up with thermometers, thermal cameras, disinfection chambers, robots, palm temperature detectors, and many other devices that have become an important part of detecting and controlling the virus. The downside is that many people took advantage of this upcoming market and saturated it with low quality and non-effective products. So, before entering and investing in this market make sure you have done your research on the products and the suppliers that you are putting your trust in.

The CEO of Shenzhen Keasy Technology Giovanni Kamarikos, has predicted that by the end of 2020 more than 5 million devises will have been sold worldwide, making this market’s worth rise up to more than 5 billion dollars. As the CEO has said “In difficult times, we need to stay focused and look at the opportunities that present themselves so we can keep moving forward”.

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