How UV Robots can help to save jobs and recover the hotel industry

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Giovanni Kamarikos
CEO of Shenzhen Keasy Technology

The global economy worldwide has been struck by the spread of COVID-19, a lot of businesses and industries have taken a hit, tourism and hotels included. Specifically, the hotel industry, which is a market of 570 billion dollars in the USA, is now facing many challenges since a lot of the facilities are not planning to open their doors to guests or they are going to suffer huge budget cuts, leaving many people unemployed. People are also skeptical of visiting other countries and staying in hotels since the virus outbreak has made everyone more cautious and alert about germs and sanitizing.

How will hotels and industries regain their customers’ trust and make them feel safe again in their environments? By implementing sanitizing and safety technology products to their facilities. Shenzhen Keasy Technology has adapted to the current situation and the market’s needs and developed various technological products, one of them being the K-Robot Protector that uses Phillips UV Lights to sterilize the areas. After many types of research and studies, scientists found that UV lighting can disinfect 99.99% of an area in less than 10 seconds. What is even more fascinating is that the coronavirus seems to be especially vulnerable to UV lighting and that the method is really effective against it.

The K-Robot Protector has an implemented AI system and sensors that give it the ability to navigate in any area avoiding obstacles and disinfecting it little by little. After the robot is done, it will return to its charging station. This is great since no extra personnel will be needed and the areas will be completely disinfected without the need for extra work.

The global COVID-19 situation changed the global status of everyone forever because it made people realize how easy are things to get out of control and made them more cautious since the coronavirus is only one of the viruses and deceases out there. Businesses must win back the world’s trust and they have to do it by showing that they are caring about their customers’ safety and well being by acting accordingly.

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