LCD and Chain Stores

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With the development of Chinese Economy, The business has brought unprecedented prosperity for China. The improvement of the domestic economy, the growth of consumption, the government for stimulating consumption growing big target for the domestic business environment has brought the infinite opportunities, but also face more intense competition.

Large chain stores is very common business model, chain store, supermarket chains and use of the brand electrical appliances chain to suppliers and customers of the interactive platform. In the face of escalating competition, improve the competitiveness of the commercial chain, realize the business value chain is the core of the urgent need to solve the problem.

Keasy Advertising display function and application: To build a new advertising media platform, to replace the original store in plane advertisement form, using a digital poster and advertisement video instead, for advertisers to provide effect more, communicate more effective means of advertising, improve advertising effectiveness, enhance the value of advertising platform, bring the mall advertising, use platform to make the store brand shaping and promotion, store all kinds of information, service for store operations, provide consumers with shopping information, such as promoting the value of store brands and services.

Improve the personalized service, By touching the query form to provides personalized guidance services such as shopping mall shoppers, self-service platforms, complete reservation, payment and discount information print export and other services.

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