Outdoor fixed DIP or SMD LED Screen

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Nowadays in the LED display industry, most of the outdoor led displays are made by SMD technology, it is produced by the machine, better color uniformity to show the videos and images than DIP.

But why there are still some customers are fall in love with Outdoor DIP technology? There are some of our researches as below.

Higher brightness – Advantage

The max brightness of outdoor DIP can meet 8000nits more or less when outdoor DIP is facing with the sunshine directly, it still could show the content very bright, and the max brightness of most SMD only can meet 6500 more or less.

More stable quality and longer working life – Advantage

Some of our customers gave us the feedback of the very old outdoor DIP screen, ”  it is almost 6 years,  there are only 4 modules are broke after working 6 years, it is fantastic, we still want DIP for our outdoor project in the future  ”,  said by Kevin Sarver from the United States.

How about you? Do you like SMD technology or DIP technology for your outdoor LED display?

Limited Pixel Pitch – Disadvantage

The pixel pitch for DIP only could make it over 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, etc. Because there are three LEDs in each one pixel, and the size is DIP346. So which means for 8 meters view distance, DIP will not okay. BUT for SMD technology, it could start from P3 outdoor, much smaller pixel pitch distance and high resolution in small size. 

Higher cost than SMD – Disadvantage

Nowadays, SMD technology is more popular than DIP technology, because, for SMD technology, it is much lower cost than DIP technology, around $100-$150 per square meter. For DIP technology, it needs two more production lines than SMD technology, which means the factory needs to hire more around 6-8 workers and more place for production DIP LED screen.

The result – How to choose it?

So, if the view distance is over 10 meters and requires high brightness, then DIP LED technology is your first option.

But if the view distance is below 10 meters, like P8, P6, and it is better to go with SMD technology.

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